The Maverix Dx Platform leverages the best-in-class analytics of WAVES™, but is designed to support clinical diagnostic applications where the sample collection and sequencing will be done in one or more geographically distributed CLIA lab environments, using Illumina, Ion Torrent and other sequencing technologies. We’ve added on a front-end system and LIMS interface that is specifically designed for clinical diagnostic and testing applications, including integrating patient information and sample IDs in a secure and confidential manner. The analytic pipeline on the cloud-based Maverix Dx Platform combines our existing applications (e.g. quality control, sequencing read alignment, and variant detection) with customer-provided proprietary algorithms (typically to correlate data or generate the specific test results), and can be implemented in a regulatory-compliant environment (HIPAA, CLIA, and CAP). It is also designed to run automatically as high volumes of data are fed to it, and support the necessary workflow for test report approval before releasing to clinicians. Customers can further specify the details of the clinical report as output. The Maverix Dx offering can also be extended to include a “Provider Portal” that will help connect physicians with a lab, and present online clinical test results to diagnostics patients.

Maverix Dx Platform Workflow