“We wanted a platform where everyone in the lab worked with the same tools doing exactly the same thing so results would be reliable and easy to understand. The Maverix Analytic Platform gives us exactly what we need - statistics, different graphs, different ways to understand your data - everything that makes your data apply to you.” Marian Mellén, Postdoctoral Fellow, Rockefeller University  

“The Maverix RNA-Seq analysis kit saved us considerable time and effort, and provided us with accurate and insightful analyses that have aided our cancer studies. And, the Maverix platform is very easy for scientists to learn and use.”

Felice Alessio Bava, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University

Next generation sequencing is accelerating our efforts in deciphering disease biology. The Maverix Analytic Platform provides valuable analytic tools to help us efficiently decode biological information that will have a positive influence in our understanding of disease pathways and accelerate the ability to safely develop stem cell-based therapies to treat or prolong the life of individuals with debilitating neurological diseases. Jeanne Loring, Professor, Scripps Research Institute

I am excited about the potential of the 99 Lives Initiative to lead to a better understanding of cat genetics, which ultimately will lead to advances in healthcare. I look forward to Maverix Biomics’ support of this project to ensure its success via accuracy, consistency, and continuity. Leslie Lyons, Gilbreath-McLorn Professor for Comparative Medicine, The University of Missouri-Columbia

Delivering sequenced exosome data via the Maverix Analytic Platform gives our customers the ability to interactively explore and browse multiple sets of data which allows them to quickly discover new biomarkers that they hadn’t been aware of before.

Travis Antes, Director of Product Development, System Biosciences, Inc.

“In our own work on ovarian cancer, we have been able to greatly accelerate our search for biomarkers by using the Maverix Analytic Platform, enabling us to progress rapidly from large, complex raw data sets to actionable insights and candidates of high interest in a matter of a few days rather than the weeks or months associated with typical collaborations.”  

Doug Taylor PhD, Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Louisville School of Medicine

“The Maverix Complete solution allowed us to gain the advantages of using RNA-seq for expression analysis without having to invest a lot of time and money developing Next Generation Sequencing capabilities and expertise.  Maverix managed the entire library prep and NGS workflow for us, and provided us with extensive data analysis.”

 Matt Siegel, Principal Scientist, Ardelyx