Maverix works with several partners to provide an end-to-end solution from bio sample through discovery.  Interested in partnering with Maverix? Click here for more information.

Maverix Complete Provides End-to-End NGS Solution

“Maverix Biomics has built a world-class self-service NGS bioinformatics platform that takes full advantage of cloud computing. I have been impressed with their depth of knowledge and ability to automate complex RNA-seq and DNA-seq analysis.”

John Battles, Director, Bioinformatics and Study Management, Beckman Coulter Genomics 

Maverix Biomics and Elsevier Sign Cooperation Agreement

“This collaboration gives more value to our customers – not only can they use the two great tools our companies produce, but they can now save time by seamlessly using them together. This reduces their workload, reduces complexity and increases accuracy of their analysis.”

Jaqui Hodgkinson, VP Product Development, Elsevier Life Science Solutions

Maverix Strengthens Strategic Co-Marketing Alliance with QIAGEN

  “By extending our relationship with Maverix, we are providing   a seamless workflow from raw sequencing files to biological     interpretation, which will    accelerate the pace of insights         researchers gain from their RNA-seq experiments.”

Debra Toburen, Director of Product Management, QIAGEN


For Powerful, Interactive Exosome Analysis, SBI Turns to Maverix

“Delivering sequenced exosome data via the Maverix Analytic Platform gives our customers the ability to interactively explore and browse multiple sets of data which allows them to quickly discover new biomarkers that they hadn’t been aware of before.”

Travis Antes, Director of Product Development, System Biosciences, Inc. 

A Complete Solution for Your NGS Workflow

WaferGen Biosystems and Maverix Biomics have joined together to provide a fast, simple and complete end-to-end solution for your NGS workflow.