Life science researchers can find accessing the benefits of Next Generation Sequencing to be a nontrivial task: researching and selecting multiple vendors; moving samples and data through multiple processing steps. Maverix is a customer focused Contract Research Organization (CRO). Our Maverix Complete solution simplifies this complex decision-making process and offers a streamlined one-stop solution that allows researchers to spend their time where it may count the most — interacting directly with the data that will ultimately advance their research and likely accelerate their understanding of biological processes and diseases. Maverix Complete combines sample preparation, sequencing services, secondary and tertiary data analysis into a single process that makes it easier, faster and more cost effective for you to gain meaningful insights from NGS projects.


Maverix complete solution overview


Library preparation, sequencing services, and tertiary data analysis for the Maverix Complete solution is provided by carefully selected partners. For a partial listing, see our Partners page.

With Maverix Complete, customers get a single point of contact and an assigned project manager who works with them through the entire NGS workflow. Maverix manages the entire process, beginning with the collection of biological samples or purified DNA or RNA, to the selection of the appropriate library preparation method and the determination of the optimal sequencing depth. Maverix will also ensure the quality of sequencing, transfer the samples and data from vendor-to-vendor as necessary, perform data analysis, and deliver results on our cloud-based analytic platform with interactive visualization. Maverix’s expertise and experience with Next Generation Sequencing and bioinformatics enables researchers to meet their research goals and objectives efficiently.