Utilizing NGS in developing diagnostics and treatments? Maverix solutions will help!

NGS can be an excellent tool to assist in translating scientific discoveries into practical (clinical) applications, such as the creation of diagnostics or medicinal treatments. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) has established a framework for developing translational and interdisciplinary research, helping to structure to the practice of translational research, including five categories of effort: Mechanistic Understanding (MC), Emerging Technology (ET), Phenotypic Validation (PV), Application & Intervention (AI), and Clinical Assessment (CA).

NIEHS Translational Framework

Re-created from http://www.fedeval.net/docs/2012Drew.pdf

Maverix solutions can play an important role in helping to apply NGS capabilities to translational research activities in the various areas of the NIEHS translational framework. Genomic and gene expression analysis tools from Maverix provide the high-quality capabilities needed to carry out your NGS-related translational research activities.

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