Small RNA sequencing is a method for analyzing the expression of small noncoding RNAs. These small ncRNAs include microRNAs, snoRNAs, piRNAs, small antisense transcripts, etc. Novel ncRNA discovery, transcription start site detection, as well as small RNA regulatory pathways can be studied through the use of small-RNAseq.

Maverix Analytic Platform analysis overview for small RNA-seq

We analyze sequencing data quality and detect common contamination. Quality reports and plots are generated.
Using FASTX-Toolkit, adapter sequences are trimmed from the beginnings of reads to improve mapping.
A sampling of reads are trial-mapped against reference genome and common contaminants, and a summary report assessing the comparability of samples is created.
Map sequence reads to reference genome and filter out those aligned to splice junctions.
Compute read coverage using mapping results.
We prepare read alignments and read coverage for visualization in the genome browser.