Exosome RNA Next Generation Sequencing and Analytics Accelerate Pace of Discovery

San Mateo CA May 6, 2013: Maverix Biomics, Inc. and System Biosciences, Inc. (SBI) publicly announced the launch of their complete exosome RNA sequence analytics solution today at the Biomarkers & Diagnostics World Congress 2013 held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The combination of products and services from both SBI and Maverix provides a turnkey solution that is tailored for researchers who are interested in identifying novel exosome RNA biomarkers or understanding the abundance of such biomarkers in the exosomes of their model cellular systems or patient biofluids. Early adopters of the solution have already found that this comprehensive sequencing service combined with easy-to-access interactive analytics and visualization has led to rapid discovery of interesting new results.

“Our customers have found it extremely easy and cost effective to isolate and identify exosome-associated RNA biomarkers from very small amounts of sample biofluids using our unique sequencing service,” said Travis Antes, Senior Director of Product Development at System Biosciences, Inc. “Delivering the sequenced exosome data via the Maverix Analytic Platform gives our customers the ability to interactively explore and browse multiple sets of data which allows them to quickly discover new biomarkers that they hadn’t been aware of before.”

The Exo-NGS service from SBI provides the exosome researcher with a comprehensive, expert service to isolate and identify exosome-associated RNA biomarkers. Exosomes are isolated from very small patient biofluid samples, for example less than 1ml of serum, plasma, or ascites fluid; or 5-10ml of urine, spinal fluid, or cell media. Exo-RNAs are then purified with chromatography and Illumina bar-codes are added and amplified, and multiplexed next generation sequencing runs are performed using Illumina MiSeq or HiSeq platforms. Two rounds of quality checks on the sequence data are performed. The first round analyzes raw sequencing data generated by the Illumina platform, and library adapters and Ns are trimmed. The second data check is performed on the trimmed sequence data to ensure read quality before genome mapping.

The Maverix Analytic Platform is then used to provide a complete analytics solution for the exosome-associated RNA deep sequencing data. The standard analytics provided (based on proven open source algorithms and configured based on published journal articles) include library sequence quality control metrics, data analysis for relative RNA abundance and identity, differential expression analysis, and visualization of the data in a cloud-based, private UCSC Genome Browser. Primary data deliverables include raw sequencing reads in FASTA format, sequencing read quality values, and analyzed data including relative abundance of each RNA type and a table of counts of mature microRNAs. Automatic uploading of the sequencing data to the cloud-based UCSC Genome Browser from Maverix allows for interactive visualization and data mining, including access to public databases such as ENCODE data to put exosome data into context. Other visualizations provided include RNA type charts, expression heatmaps, and the automatic generation of publication-ready figures.

The turnkey exosome RNA next generation sequencing (Exo-NGS) service, including the complete analytics solution, is being sold by SBI and is extremely cost effective. A discovery set of six samples can be sequenced and analyzed for a list price of $10,800.

About Maverix Biomics

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Based in Mountain View CA, System Biosciences (SBI) specializes in developing unique, innovative technologies to provide researchers with the tools to investigate and understand genomic and proteomic function. SBI offers solutions
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