Data analysis platform enables rapid detection of unique small RNA signatures in tumor-derived samples

Boston MA September 24, 2013: Maverix Biomics, Inc. will present at the NGS for Cancer Drug Development meeting held on September 24-26, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts. Todd Lowe PhD, Chief Scientist of Maverix Biomics, will lead a session at 9:30 a.m. Thursday, September 26 titled, “Amplifying R&D Capacity for Cancer Drug Discovery with Democratized NGS Analytics.” One example covered in Dr. Lowe’s presentation will be the use of the Maverix
Analytic Platform for exosome biomarker discovery.

Douglas Taylor PhD, Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, an early pioneer in exosome research and one of the first to recognize its potential in small RNA cancer diagnostics, is an early adopter of the Maverix system. “Next generation sequencing of the RNA cargos of exosomes isolated from the peripheral circulation offers tremendous potential for identifying a new class of small RNA markers for cancer detection and diagnosis. The links these components establish can ultimately identify potential therapeutic targets,” said Dr. Taylor. “In our own work on ovarian cancer, we have been able to greatly accelerate our search for biomarkers by using the Maverix Analytic Platform, enabling us to progress rapidly from large, complex raw data sets to actionable insights and candidates of high interest in a matter of a few days rather than the weeks or months associated with typical collaborations.”

A key element of the Maverix exosome analytic system is the specific focus on identifying and classifying novel small RNA transcripts in exosomes, in addition to the “usual suspects” (e.g. cancer-associated microRNAs). “Most existing published studies focus primarily on known miRNAs, which we believe misses the vast potential for new marker discovery,” said Todd Lowe PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at Maverix Biomics. “We have strong computational expertise in small RNA discovery in a variety of contexts, and we put that expanded perspective into the Maverix system.”

Noted Dave Mandelkern, Chief Executive Officer of Maverix Biomics, “One of the strengths of the Maverix Analytic Platform is its ability to be used by a wide range of researchers for a variety of RNA Sequence expression analysis and small RNA analysis applications. We have seen strong demand for exosome NGS analytic services and are pleased to be able to offer an affordable, easily accessible analytic platform that is accelerating the pace of discovery in cancer-related research.”

About the Maverix Analytic Platform

The Maverix Analytic Platform is an NGS analysis solution designed for use directly by life sciences researchers who may not have software or bioinformatics expertise. It leverages proven, open-source algorithms and applications developed at leading academic and research centers. After loading sequence data from any organism, researchers are able to immediately perform analysis with reliable, scientifically recommended configurations, as cited in peer-
reviewed journal publications. Visualization is provided through a variety of integrated graphical tools, including the UCSC Genome Browser, the world’s most widely used genome browser.

About Maverix Biomics

Based in San Mateo, CA and backed by leading venture capital firms and Silicon Valley investors, Maverix Biomics, Inc. provides researchers with a cloud-based platform to manage, analyze, and visualize genomic data, and place their data in context with the latest public data from the full spectrum of life. For more information, visit