Integrated Solution With Beckman Coulter Genomics Sequencing Provides Researchers With Complete Path From Bio Sample to Discovery

 MARCO ISLAND FL February 25, 2015: Maverix Biomics Inc. today announced the availability of its Maverix Complete solution at the 16th annual Advances in Genome Biology & Technology (AGBT) meeting in Marco Island, FL. The Maverix Complete offering is designed to streamline Next Generation Sequencing endeavors by providing customers with a single source solution that begins with a biological sample, and delivers meaningful insight and results by integrating industry leading library preparation and next generation sequencing services with the state-of-the-art Maverix Analytic Platform for data analysis.

Maverix Complete frees life scientists from researching and selecting multiple vendors, eliminates the burden of moving samples and data through multiple processing steps, and simplifies the complex decision-making process currently required to gain the benefits of Next Generation Sequencing. This streamlined approach allows researchers to spend their time where it may count the most—interacting directly with the data that will ultimately advance their research and likely accelerate their understanding of biological processes and diseases.

“The Maverix Complete solution is a direct response to numerous requests we’ve received from our customers,” said Dave Mandelkern, Maverix president and co-founder. “Combining sample preparation, sequencing services, and data analysis into a single process managed by Maverix simplifies their lives and makes it easier and faster for them to gain meaningful insight from high throughput sequencing.”

Library preparation and sequencing services for the Maverix Complete solution is provided by carefully selected, proven quality vendors such as Beckman Coulter Genomics. Maverix also provides data analysis services for selected Beckman Coulter Genomics customers.

“Maverix Biomics has built a world-class self-service NGS bioinformatics platform that takes full advantage of cloud computing,” said John Battles, Senior Manager, Bioinformatics and Study Management for Beckman Coulter Genomics.  “I have been impressed with their depth of knowledge and ability to automate complex RNA-seq and DNA-seq analysis.”

With the Maverix Complete offering, customers will have a single point of contact and an assigned project manager who works with them through the entire NGS workflow. Maverix manages the entire process, beginning with collection of either biological samples or purified RNA or DNA, to selection of the correct library prep method and determination of the proper sequencing depth and sequencing chemistry. Maverix will also ensure the quality of data produced, move the samples and data from vendor-to-vendor as necessary, and perform the necessary secondary and tertiary data analysis required to provide interactive visualization and meaningful insight to meet research goals and objectives. Maverix’s expertise and experience with Next Generation Sequencing and bioinformatics enables researchers to gain the advantages that NGS brings to their experimental endeavors without having to become genomics experts, which saves considerable time and money while at the same time eliminating the hassles and frustrations commonly encountered in managing a complex, multi-step, multi-vendor process.

Ardelyx, a publicly-held, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company based in Fremont, CA that focuses on the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative, minimally-systemic, small molecule therapeutics, has utilized the Maverix Complete solution to advance its research in cardio-renal, gastrointestinal and metabolic diseases.

“The Maverix Complete solution allowed us to gain the advantages of using RNA-seq for expression analysis without having to invest a lot of time and money developing Next Generation Sequencing capabilities and expertise,” said Matt Siegel, Principal Scientist at Ardelyx. “Maverix managed the entire library prep and NGS workflow for us, and provided us with extensive data analysis.”

Also at AGBT, on Thursday February 26th from 1:00PM to 2:30PM in Collier Hall at the Marco Island Marriott Resort, Maverix Computational Biologist Melanie Lou will present a poster, “Single-cell DNA-seq Analysis of Breast Cancer.” On Thursday February 26th from 5:15PM to 7:15PM during the Software Demo Session at the Marco Island Hilton, Maverix Chief Technology Officer Patricia Chan will present “Industrial–Scale Complete DNA-seq and RNA-seq Analysis Kits for Every Researcher.” Laure Turner, Business Operations Manager of Beckman Coulter Genomics, will be available to discuss Next Generation Sequencing services on Friday February 27th from 7:30PM to 9:00PM at the Marriott Resort in Lanai Suite 186. Maverix will also host demonstrations and briefings throughout the AGBT meeting at the Marriott Resort in Lanai Suite 186.

About Beckman Coulter Genomics

Beckman Coulter Genomics, headquartered in Danvers, Massachusetts is a leading provider of Next Generation and Sanger sequencing services with bioinformatics solutions serving life science and healthcare businesses as well as academic and government institutions worldwide. For more information, visit

About the Maverix Analytic Platform

The Maverix Analytic Platform is a cloud-based solution designed for use directly by life sciences researchers who may not have software or bioinformatics expertise. It leverages proven open-source algorithms and applications developed at leading academic and research centers. After loading sequence data from any organism (human, animal, plant, or microbe), researchers are able to immediately perform analyses with reliable, scientifically vetted configurations, as cited in peer-reviewed journal publications. Visualization is provided through a variety of integrated graphical tools, including a private, secure version of the UCSC Genome Browser, the world’s most widely used genome browser.

 About Maverix Biomics

Based in San Mateo, CA and backed by leading venture capital firms and Silicon Valley investors, Maverix Biomics, Inc. provides researchers with a cloud-based platform to manage, analyze, and visualize genomic data, build Communities of Discovery, and place their data in context with the latest public data from the full spectrum of life, including human, plant, animal, or microbial organisms. For more information, visit